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Georgia Lynn

[this is good] Thank you ginbaby! Big endeavor and much appreciated. It takes me forever to post photos. Maybe I'll do a similar chronicle.

Love the big glasses. You and I would've been fast friends :)


[this is good]

Fantastic! Love the photos - the glasses - the pigtails - all of it. You're genuine and unaffected and your smile shows it.  

Itchy Dawg

i like the "me, angry" photo best.  i have a current photo of gb hanging out with buddha in butte, montana.  that one's all smiles.


[this is good] Boy am I glad I checked my neighborhood today. Those are great! I'm w/Georgia Lynn. I think you and I would've been good friends; you remind me of my friend Beth from grade and high school. I've lost touch with her and I miss her...


[this is good] They all look great! Naturally, I'm intrigued by the love-hotel picture. I've noted this in another post on your blog, but I don't think this line of love hotels operate in Tokyo/ general Kanto area...

Purikura rocks.


[this is good] HEhehehehe, You look cute in the on the road again picture, makes me wanna hug you ^_^


Haha.  Well, thanks everyone.  You all do wonders for a girl's self-esteem. 

Itchy:  Damn, I totally forgot about that picture.  I think I do actually have some more recent than that purikura, like maybe one from up in Alaska, but I had issues.  The issues are multifarious and complex, and we do not need to discuss them now, but the long and short of it is:  NO FREAKIN SCANNER.

Kimura:  I'm pretty sure the line of Snowman's hotels is Kansai only.  Er, well, Kansai and, um, down to Hiroshima and maybe even Fukuoka.  But no Kanto.  So, um, are you some kind of expert on Kanto-area love hotels?  If so, we may need to talk before my next trip over.

Zack:  Awww.  You can hug me any old time.  Via MSN, of course.


Huh.  Something just occurred to me.  It's not really important, but we didn't live in that place where I'm sitting in "me, angry" until I was in 4th grade already.  So, I was either in 4th or 5th grade in that picture--but, then, where are my glasses?  I have no idea.  Maybe I was rebelling against the oppressive spectacles?  *shrug*



i didn't picture you quite so....pretty. i figured you smoked a cigar and wore a fidel castro style cap....



Damn, man.  It takes a special gift to make "pretty" seem so...ugly.  Thanks for the backhanded compliment!  Hahahaha.

I was in a philosophy club that had previously been men-only where smoking a cigar during meetings was required.  I had a plastic cigar.  Because being a woman in a room full of men was not enough for me.  I had to make myself really stand out.  Cigars, plastic or otherwise, are excellent for gesticulating to get your point across.  No Fidel cap, ever.  I do have a nice collection of woolly hats for winter, though.

Anyway, the benefit of being "pretty" is that no one suspects you...


well obviously you've never seen salma hayek in a castro cap smoking a cigar. HOTNESS!

oh the things we do when we're young. being in a philosophy club, first of all, just strikes me as funny now.

me too, of course: but i was in the sewing club.

kidding. nah, i never got into the whole club thing: i just sat outside of the meetin' halls looking misunderstood and angry at the world...


Hmm.  Well, sadly, I am no Salma Hayek.  I am hoping that you don't think pretty is necessarily antonymous with hot--if you do, then I may have to post an entirely different set of photos.  hahaha...just kidding.  I'm not really hot--in person, I think I'm perky and clumsy and a bit daft, but I'm quite comfortable with that.

I was a founding member of a group called The Absolute Truth and Prostitution League, and our raison d'etre was pretty much to be misunderstood and angry at the world.  And to drink heavily.  Somehow we managed to get funding from the student activity fees.

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