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[this is good] Wonderful!



[this is good] It is interesting to note how much those two quotes from Kant and Heidegger resonate with the moral code of Bushido. The central premise being that life is defined by your conduct, in battle and in the face of death you are to act with absolute integrity. Accepting that death is something to be embraced, frees you from the fear of acting instinctively.

Every day without fail one should consider himself as dead."
Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Hagakure kikigari
, a reflection on the way of the warrior, Yamamoto Tsunetomo talks about the loss of self, and constant search for perfection in action, as serving all humanity.

Fear has manifest itself these days as a political tool, to be free of the fear of the death is to be free of this manipulation.


Yes, actually, as I was writing this I thought fleetingly about that and thought there was something very Zen, very Japanese about it as well and maybe that's one thing that attracts me so much to Japanese thought.  But, to be perfectly honest, I know so very little about it.  And, sadly, much of what I "know" came from Ghost Dog.


Ghost Dog is a good a start as any I reckon. I rarely ever go to the movies, but I do remember it well. It must be hard to package philosophy for people with low attention spans ;-)

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