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[this is good] I'm so with you on this one. I've given up on reading any 'great' novels. Inevitably it's more about the writer showing off how fabulously deep they are than any real story.

I'm currently reading Doctor Who novels instead. No chance of pretentious bullshit there!

Flamingo Dancer

More and more readers are leaning towards nonfiction. I think it is a sign of the time and our thirst for information. After completing an Arts degree I was over fiction!


I have to read this book for work -- Leadership and Self-Deception -- and it sort of sucks because I "got it" inside the first chapter. But I had to read the whole thing, lest I be caught unaware of a particular example offered in the text and be found out. Sucks.

That being said, there are quite a few books I am glad I finished because they weren't what I had originally thought they'd be in the first few chapters. Some of them were even serious fiction. :)

Great post, GB. I was nodding nearly the entire time. And kudos for mentioning Frank Black.


[this is good]


heh, i'm with you on this one as well.  i haven't been able to bring myself to read a "serious" work of fiction in months and months.  i just don't have the energy for it, honestly.  i've been reading lots of fantasy and even a couple of romance novels instead.  and have found them all more engrossing than anything serious.


[this is good] Don't forget drugs! No matter how many songs there are about drugs in the world, there's always room for a few more!


[this is good] Perfect. This post is exactly why I love you, Ginbaby.


Heh.  Sex, drugs, and rock n' roll!  Wooooo!


Thanks, all.  It's good to hear from all of you, especially because it's hard to be alone with your cultural literacy.  But I have to tell you something.

This morning I woke up with a bangin' hangover, and I was all, "Dude, I had the weirdest dream about Coldplay..."  Gradually I remembered writing a bizarre, incoherent rant about men who have feelings and how much better it would be if we all just had sex on Mars.  Or something.  I'm glad it made sense to someone, though.  You guys just get me.  It's probably all that reading of nonserious novels that you're all doing.

And maybe I shouldn't comment on people who drink too much anymore.  *ahem*  At least I didn't talk about my feelings, though.  Believe me, they aren't very interesting.

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