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Enter the Greenhouse

Called me a punk, did you???  Actually, for #6 I do know how that feels.  When I was pregnant with our daughter I became gestational diabetic.  Didn't go so far as to have to inject myself with insulin, but I did learn how to cheat by having the forbidden chocolate right after my last blood test for the night.  :-)  We'll see if I develop again for this pregnancy.


Good luck with that. It's looking good for me and my preventive strategies.  At my last prenatal visit, my blood glucose was only 84 (after drinking the horribly sweet concoction), so it's looking good.  Still, I don't want to take any chances.  I did, during the cookie season, permit myself one cookie a day, but only after a meal.  Giving up either alcohol or sweets is OK--giving up both is a tragedy.  But at least I'm not alone in my misery!  I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Enter the Greenhouse

Fingers crossed here too.  And thanks.


[this is good]

Dude, you got Kota? We'll be right over!  


Yeah, it's quite a thing.  My son loves it.  Target put it on sale at the last minute for $99, so we decided to go for it. 


[this is good] #21- goose-pimply good reading this one.
#9 - I'm wrestling with this one myself.  Just so cranky lately.  It's not me, and it's ugly. Plus, most people make it difficult to like them (at least under this curtain of hormonal crabby-ness). 

Also, feel free to say no, but I'm going to off-load some maternity clothes in about 2 months, want them?  If no one wants them I'm toying with the idea of incinerating them, but that would be a waste, so....


I really enjoyed reading this.  Thank you for sharing.

I too am a fan of Mike Rowe!

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

[this is good] Texas is another country?


Well, Texans often think so.

Zak Klemmer, ACS, ALB

Look up Sally Scull, she is my wife's great-great grandmother. Her great-great grandfather was Jesse Robinson who faught at the battle of San Jacinto. We could move to Texas and she could put a "Native Texan" sticker on her car- if anyone gave her any crap she could ask: "How long has your family been Texans?" ;)

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