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i love that you're a linguist.  i took a linguistics course in college and i was hooked but too far into my english lit program to go through the hassle of switching over.  i have two friends that are speech pathologists and we would discuss at length the IPA and bore all our other friends.  language fascinates and inspires me.  and it disturbs me how poorly people treasure language.  and i don't think you're stupid for being a stay at home mom.  i saw the comments you left at that girl's vox and i agree with you.  i don't like how certain women see fit to judge the choices of other women but still have the nerve to declare themselves feminists.  i think that some people need to cling to stereotypes in order to feel comfortable.  my place is here and your place is there and never the twain shall meet.  it's a classic us vs. them mentality that breeds intolerance for the ideas and cultures of others.  why can't i crochet and bake cookies and still be an intelligent educated feminist?  why can't i treasure children and be so disappointed in the way the vast majority of children are being raised these days and want to do something about that in the classroom and with my own future children and still be a feminist?  i consider myself to be in that hipster class of emo glasses wearing tattooed nose ringed indie music listening to artistic film watching people.  and i thought "we" were supposed to be liberal.  not just as fascist as the people we purport to want to take down and transform in our nation.  i dunno.  sorry for rambling in your comments.  it's 246 in the morning and my meds haven't kicked in yet.  oh well.  have a great day tomorrow.  ps. i love using double modals.  does "used to could" count?  how about "i done been did that?" (that's a personal favorite of mine)

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