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Itchy Dawg

[this is good] GB, did you ever come up with a digital camera?  Now I have a hankering to see a head of purple caulifower.  Peace.


Man, I was just trying to figure out what to do with the kale from my CSA and then I read about your cobbler.  So, could I use any creamed spinach recipe or is there one you recommend?  I'm excited - that sounds perfect. 

I made a decent quiche with leeks mixed with pancetta and goat cheese, and I'm also thinking about grilling them


[this is good]


Well, you could just come visit...heeeee.

I do have a digital camera, and I took a picture of the cauliflower.  If I can figure out how to get it from memory card to Vox, I'll post it.


I don't really use a recipe for it.  I think I steamed the kale, then mixed it with a thin bechamel sauce (thinner than that recipe, probably 2 cups of milk, and with some Parm. cheese)--I don't think we had any actual cream in the house.  I use this recipe for drop biscuits because it's super buttery and totally foolproof, as long as you mix the melted butter (slightly cooled) into the cold buttermilk or yogurt and then stir it until it clumps up.  These biscuits are so easy.  For the cobbler, I added some black pepper to the dough, too.

I hope you guys like it!  CSAs are so cool.  Back when I lived in sad little student apartments, I had a subscription, too, and I was always overwhelmed by it.  What exactly does one do with a metric ton of beets? 

The quiche idea for leeks sounds very good, and I shall definitely try grilling them.  I love almost anything grilled anyway, and if Alton recommends it, it can't be wrong.


Thanks!  It sounds great.  The CSA hit us with beets AND radishes this go around, so I'll be making beet salad and god knows what with the radishes (besides putting in salads).  I've been overwhelmed, but it's been so awesome to have really fresh produce that it's definitely worthwhile.


You can braise radishes really nicely.  I never knew what to do with them except salad, either, until some magazine published a recipe for glazed radishes.  I think it's butter, vinegar, and a little bit of sugar and salt that you use and cook them until they get just tender, and their flavor really mellows, and it's nice.  When I have a lot of radishes now, that's usually what I do with them.


Just looking at something nice and not saying a word. Too many people don't get that. Those are soul-nourishing moments when it's only you and what pleases you. Too often we spend our days ignoring those moments and we starve ourselves of that nourishment. No wonder we end up feeling cranky so often these days. Good for you!


Perhaps that is why I am rarely cranky if I am allowed to start my day this way.  Days when I have to skip it, though, beware! 

Itchy Dawg

I think what you do is pull the memory card from the camera, throw it at the computer screen, and hope the appropriate image sticks...least that's how I'd do it.  I'm still trying to figure out how to work my toaster though.


Well, I mean, toast is a complex art form, not to be taken lightly.

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