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You're one of those women who'd pop a baby out and then head back to the fields to work the soil. What a woman. You rock!


Hahahaha.  Yep, strap the little sucker to my back and get to planting.  I come from a long line of hardy farming types.


They don't make folks tough like you anymore <sigh>. Shit, come to think of it, many city-bound blokes would have trouble working a shovel these days. I mean, do you think she-men like David "Woosie" Beckham actually know how toilet bowls are actually kept clean?


"Woosie"?  Lulz.  No, I doubt he does.  I expect his bowels produce nothing but pure air and sunshine anyway.

Shoveling snow is one of those things that will quickly make you regret the peppermint patties.  I wish sugar alchemy constituted exercise.


[this is good] "Elitism" and severe sleep deprivation aside, you have a happy little life there, GinBaby. You do what you love in growing and preserving and preparing your own sustenance. You spend real time with your son and his grandparents are just around the corner. I loved the episode at their house. Very sweet and happy. You have taken what you have and made gold from it. But I know you know this. I get your point but I also enjoyed reading this.


[this is good]

this is interesting and puts you in a totally different perspective, seeing these details of a "typical" (i assume it was typical) day for you.

how you get by on so little sleep is a miracle. i'd go bananas, but i guess mothers have been doing this for many many moon.

i'd be curious to know what your husband thinks of life in rural america, if it was what he expected it would be. does he ever want to go back to japan?


[this is good] You are - perhaps - the coolest woman I know.  Seriously.  


I do go bananas from the lack of sleep.  It just takes longer for that to happen than it would if I didn't enjoy being at home with my kid and playing with my dogs so much.  And it takes my husband to force me into bed when he's home to make sure that I don't make it worse.  I ended up not going to Jackson today for this reason--I had just reached my limit in sleep deprivation, and today I got a nice nap instead of a trip to fancytown. 

It was a pretty typical day.  Our lives are pretty routine.  I don't want to make myself sound like some kind of martyr, but the more living things that depend on you for their existence (kids, dogs, houseplants, garden), the more routine your life kind of has to become, I guess. 

My husband has really mixed feelings about life in rural America, or at least this section of it.  He hates the weather here--too cold most of the year, then too dry the rest of the year--and he misses the ocean badly.  He dislikes the dependence on automobiles that we have here, particularly pronounced in rural life.  The Mormons freak him out kind of bad, I think, as does the general Christian overtone in politics (he did get a laugh when the Atlanta mayor was praying for rain on TV, but it still freaks him out--he thinks it's akin to having Panawave or Aum Shinrikyo running the country).  And he HATES the health care "system."

But he loves all the open space and the forests, the fact that it is so safe here and our son can just kind of run free.  He likes the gardening and wants to keep chickens (he grew up on a farm in northern Saitama, so he was more used to rural life in Japan than city life anyway, but from his very rural farm, Tokyo was still only an hour away). 

He doesn't want to move back to Japan so much as he just kind of wants to leave America for some place secular with health care.  You can't blame him.


[this is good]

GREAT post.

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